Jealousy In Othello

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Jealousy is such an emotion that every human faces once in their life. It often arises when someone wishes to have something someone else does or want to be like someone else because of which many peoples’ personality changes. Jealousy is a corrosive emotion that deteriorates not only one’s character, health, and relationship but it also causes extreme irrationality which can lead to death. This shows that envy/jealousy is more volatile than most people presume and therefore should be prevented whenever possible.
Jealousy can make one feel apprehensive about their relationship, questioning their thoughts and decisions. When Iago plants false information in Othello’s mind regarding Cassio and Desdemona using the handkerchief Othello had gifted Desdemona, “If it be that, or any that was hers, It speaks against her with the other proofs.” (3.3.440-441). Iago knowing that the handkerchief is very valuable to Othello, used it against him to make him believe that indeed Desdemona is in love with Cassio and to the extent that she gave him the handkerchief which Othello had gifted to Desdemona with love. At this point it only strikes Othello’s mind that maybe Desdemona is unfaithful towards him but when he sees that what Iago had said about the handkerchief is true, Cassio had it “did you see the handkerchief/by his hand”, (4.1.164, 166) he became certain that Desdemona and Cassio have an affair and starts to feel insecure about his relationship with Desdemona. This shows that jealousy can cause harm to one’s relationship with someone. As Othello feels more insecure with his relationship, he goes through a sudden change in character due to his wife’s unfaithfulness.
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...nd misunderstandings grow to point where he was not able to handle the stress anymore and deemed it right to kill Desdemona, only to find out that she and Cassio are innocent and have always remained faithful towards Othello. The emotion of jealousy can change and destroy one to their roots where their good and truth disappears from their soul and only the anger, jealousy, and hatred remain.
In conclusion, everyone once has experienced the emotion of jealousy whether it be in a relationship towards someone or an object that someone else has and one wishes to have. Envy/jealousy is such a venomous emotion that it can not only crumble one’s health, character, and relationship but can also cause extreme irrationality which can lead to death. This displays that envy/jealousy is more eruptive than most people presume and therefore should be prevented whenever possible.
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