Jealousy In Othello

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Is it adequate to say that Othello's tragedy is caused by jealousy? In the course of your answer you should: * discuss the part played by jealousy in Othello's downfall * comment on other factors that you think contribute to his ruin In this particular question the assessment objectives which are being addressed are AO1, AO4 and AO5. The question does not demand the close reading of a passage or its connection to the test of the play required by AO2 and AO3. What is important is a good overall understanding of the play in relation to the question, an ability to engage in critical debate and to recognise that texts can be interpreted in different ways, and a sense of how an understanding of context could illuminate the issue. Gary's answer In my opinion the main factor in Othello's downfall is not his own jealousy but that of lago, because that is what drives him to bring Othello down, and thus cause the tragedy. Gary makes a very brisk start. His introduction gets straight to the point, giving an answer to the question which the rest of his essay develops, Although there are ...

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