Jealousy In Othello

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945 words

Othello was very easily manipulated and could be persuaded to do certain actions that ultimately took his life. Iago was a great manipulator as well as a trickster to get what he wanted. Jealousy played a role into every aspect of both Othello’s and Iago’s lives. Jealousy destroys Othello inside and out with all of the lies he was told about Desdemona by Iago. Iago was never fond of Othello and was jealous that he was so respected and had a beautiful wife. Jealousy in Iago was also motivated by him thinking that Othello might have slept with his wife Emilia. Iago hid his jealousy, and he played all of his roles well with Cassio, Desdemona, Emilia, Roderigo, and especially Othello. In the movie “O”, you could see all of the roles that Hugo was playing with all of the characters and how jealous he was. However, you could see how the jealousy in Iago was motivated. Also, in the movie “O”, you could see how Iago messed with his brain and how it affected him so greatly. Othello is a confident person who did fairly well with his life since he is a black man, who was always surrounded by white people. He wooed Desdemona with all of the stories he would share with her. Othello is also respected by a many people except for a select few. Othello would have never thought that he would have a wife who would ever think about cheating on him. But, because Iago lies to Othello about what Desdemona is doing with Cassio, his confidence turns into insecurity. The jealous side of him starts to emerge as well as taking over his life until he dies. The first sign of jealousy was when Desdemona would talk to Othello about Cassio getting his position back. Othello thought it was a bit strange, and Iago made it worse by exaggerating the situation to Oth... ... middle of paper ... ... in others.” (Hacht). When Iago manipulates everyone, it all stems from his own jealousy, and uses their jealousies to his own advantage against Othello. Plus, the love Othello had for Desdemona disappears because of Iago. It turns into pure hatred because of the jealousy instilled inside of him. With all of the lies Iago shares with him, Othello feels no true emotions other than anger, sadness, and most of all, jealousy. Iago is the reason for why Othello changes. “The deep and subtle villany of Iago, in working this change from love to jealousy, in so tumultuous a mind as that of Othello, prepossessed with a confidence in the disinterested affection of the man who is leading him on insensibly to his ruin, is likewise drawn with a masterly hand.” (Hughes). With Iago motivating all of these jealous tendencies to surface, it resulted in the tragic deaths in Othello.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how iago was a great manipulator and trickster to get what he wanted. jealousy destroyed othello inside and out with all of his lies.
  • Explains that othello is a confident person who wooed desdemona with all of the stories he would share with her. iago lies to him about the situation of cassio getting his position back.
  • Analyzes how iago's jealousy is different from othello, since he married a young and beautiful white woman, and loved desdemona, which gave him more reasons to have hatred towards him.
  • Analyzes how iago's jealousy plays a huge role with othello and other characters, such as roderigo, emilia, and bianca.
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