Jealousy In Interpersonal Relationships

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LITERATURE REVIEW Since the formation of Communication as a discipline, scholars have been interested in examining every aspect of interpersonal relationships, from casual acquaintances to romantic partners (Rau, 2008). Despite the vast amount of researches that has already been generated it has been discovered recently that there’s an increased level of divorced rates in Western countries which derives from jealousy and its impact on happiness in intimate relationships (Statistics, 1996). Through my research it has been confirmed that there is a strong linkage between both variables with further expansion in the following paragraphs. While dependency is essential to the survival of any relationship, it can also cause anxiety; sadness, jealousy, and insecurity when a threat to the relationship (real or perceived) occurs (CITE 1). Of the human emotions, jealousy is one of the most powerful and painful. It is deadly and statistical studies rank jealousy as the third most common motive for murder (CITE 1). Recently evolutionary psychologists proposed that jealousy is a specific innate module, a circuit in the brain that reflects the different selective pressures that acted on ancestral men and women (CITE2 ) According to this theory, men typically become jealous when they suspect sexual competition, a response to the threat of cuckoldry. Jealousy in women, in contrast, is triggered by suspicion of emotional betrayal (CITE2). As romantic relationships develop over time, the relationship naturally deepens and becomes more serious. Inevitably, these cause individuals to become increasingly dependent on their significant other. This dependence is necessary for the survival of romantic relationships and, this, can be considered a def... ... middle of paper ... ...ndividual’s perceived dependency which she said maybe unhealthy for the relationship and typically leads to insecurity and immense levels of jealousy. After reading all these articles and researches done by prominent psychologists and researchers which were of great benefits, I come to the conclusion that there is some sort of affiliation between happiness and jealousy. I’ve realized that jealousy has a terrible impact of one’s happiness and emotions. I have also retrieved evidential researches to conclude that Social Network Sites (SNS) is a main causal factor to invoke jealousy of both partners which may lead to a destruction of relationship among partners based on the levels of insecurity which I think has based my research on a central balance which may assist in my investigation as to the impact of jealousy and how it affects one’s happiness in a relationship.
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