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Kevin leans against the wall of the Creature house living room, sneering at the happy couple who where currently dancing to the soft music Dan had played just for them. Usually Kevin doesn't drink, but he rather be hungover tomorrow then to withstand anymore of this appalling scene. James and Aleks slow dancing in the middle of the floor, both tipsy, swaying in each other's arms.

Kevin sighs and picks up a half-drunken beer that had been on the table. He could care less who it previously belonged to, as long as he could get rid of the pain in his heart James had caused. James knew how Kevin admired and looked up to Aleks, he was the first person Kevin told about his crush. Then the next week they announced it, the relationship. Kevin tried to look happy for his best friend but James gave him a smirk, like he had won an election for president and Kevin's votes didn't even touch him. That made him angry, he went home that day and let out all his feelings, punching a hole in the wall then crying uncontrollably.

Kevin moved the bottle to his lips and drank it. The sour taste stung his ...

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