Jay Gatsby the Magician

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Jay Gatsby gives off the aura of magic throughout the novel from the first moment we meet him until his untimely demise at the hands of George Wilson. His life is just a web of clever lies and half-truths told to persuadable brains that keep the stories, rumors and lies alive with gossip. He hides himself behind lavish parties and changes in his identity in an attempt to fit into a world where he truly does not belong.
Gatsby follows a magician’s pattern by changing his name from James Gatz to Jay Gatsby. Essentially Jay Gatsby was his stage name in which his entire illusion of a life grew on. His entire life is a story, a stage act and in a way, his form of entertainment. Owl Eyes makes mention of it in the library, saying that he believes his life is a show, as he believed for a moment that not even Gatsby’s books were real. “Quote about books being just spines etc etc etc.” Owl Eyes does not put making an illusion of a full library as an act that would be below Gatsby.
Gatsby strives to belong in a class where he is truly an outsider looking in. He throws many extravagant partie...
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