Jasper Jones Character Voice In Town

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Explore the way authors use character voice in both 'Jasper Jones' and 'Town' using the following passages as the basis for your response.

Character voice is used in Craig Silvey’s novel Jasper Jones and James Roy’s series of short stories Town as a way of engaging the audience and making it an inclusive text for the reader. In both texts the author’s use of character voice paints a picture of the nature and feelings of the characters, such as; Lee’s infatuation with Briony in Town, Eliza’s ambitiousness and constant need for freedom in Jasper Jones. The character voice used for all the characters represents the personality, behaviors and traits of the individuals. It also allows the audience to see themselves as a member of the community that Town focuses on and a citizen of Corrigan, becauses of the author’s usage of specific, inclusive and descriptive language.
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I was happy with my t-shirt, but my jeans were a bit crapola. & I was thinking, I wish I hadn't worn these shoes, cos they're a bit old” (Lee, pg. 164). This statement of Lee’s gives the audience insight into the way his mind operates and his personality. By his use of colloquial language such as ‘crapola’ and ‘cos’ as well as his use of ampersands and beginning sentences with ‘but’ and ‘&’ establish his writing as non standard and very alike his thought processes, all the thoughts and feelings that Lee has are demonstrated in his story. “Whoa, that is serious. I mean, she was really cute. Way cuter than anyone I think I'd ever seen. But cute isn't even the right word. She's beautiful.” (Lee, pg. 164) The character voice that Roy has used in these sentences is consistent to the rest of Lee’s story, his use of repetition of the word ‘cute’ demonstrates his infatuation with Briony as well as his inability to filter his
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