Japaneses Colonialism in Malaysia

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Malaysia was occupied by 4 different types of colonialism through the history. These types of colonialism were: 1-The Portuguese occupation (during 1511-1641) 2-The Dutch occupation (during 1641-1786) 3-The British occupation (during 1786-1941 & 1941-1957) 4-The Japanese occupation (during 1941-1945). In this article we will concern on The Japanese and study the effects of Japanese colonialism in Malaysia. Japan was a great force in Eastern Asia between 19th and 20th centuries and it has much influence areas that spread year by year. So, Japan captured and occupied many countries before and during World War II such as: (Malaysia-Singapore-Philippines… etc.) Malaysia was the main goal for Japan, because Malaysia has many areas are available for agriculture and Japan was wanting some crops. Another reason, Japan needed more land for high populations of Japanese people in Japan. On December 1941 Japan started invasion Malaysia and it still the ruler and government of Malaysia by force until 1945 when Japan was surrendered in World War II after bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The period of Japanese occupation was short and little which lead to reduce the effects of this period. The effects of Japanese occupation were occurred in different aspects of life like: (political-social-economic) The economic status in Malaysia was horrible, because actually Japan was colonialist and it wanted to steal the resources of Malaysia. Japan moved away in the plan of stealing resources and rerouting the advantages of crops into Japan. On this basis, the life of Malaysian and Chinese was not perfect and they suffered to get the basic requirements for normal life. In the other hand, Japan had invested some different types of crops during its peri... ... middle of paper ... ...ame time, there was not any noticeable Malaysian movement to defend and fight the Japanese occupation that means the Chinese and little of Malays were only the struggle movement in the country. The Japanese occupation was ended after World War II and defeating of Japan. After surrendering of Japan on 15 August 1945, the feeling of hating and revenge was increased from Chinese to Malays. Because some Malays shared with The Japanese occupation in suppression. MPAJA led battles and fought Malays to take revenge as a result of Japanese occupation until the British occupation. At all, the Japanese occupation was failed to replace the Malay culture into Japanese culture and it made the economic status going to the bad. The Japanese occupation had made some quarrels between Malays and Chinese. The effects of Japanese occupation couldn't still more than 5 years at least.
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