Japanese Sex Culture Essay

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Sex culture in modern day Japan has demonstrated to be an integral part of their cultural identity and is more progressive than any other countries. Japan’s sex culture has surpassed boundaries that are standardized in other countries. The West sees the Japanese as emotionless, controlled and even sexless. Publicly they are shy, reserved and terribly proper, however Japan is an extreme contradiction. If we examine the surface of their culture, the private life of these Japanese people can be a real eye opener. The role of sexuality and more specifically the role of pornography in women’s lives is perhaps the biggest debate among the people from the West. This paper will examine how pornography is gendered in Japan and the effects of this to…show more content…
The Lolita complex, where older men are obsessed with young girls, has such a grip on the male imagination that a whole industry has sprung up around it. As states, “ Adult men have sex with adolescent girls because they do not have the confidence with real women. On the other hand, Enjo kōsai or compensated dating is known as prostitution of young teenage girls. These teenage girls sell their school uniforms and sell themselves to older men to buy designer clothes, but they do this for money in general. This is one of the fetishes that Japanese sex culture created. At some schools, one third of the girls in class have some experience of prostitution. The prostitution of teenage girls is so rife that even the liberal Japanese are outraged. Japanese men desire schoolgirls because adolescent girls are easily dominated and are used as an object for personal desires. The schoolgirls are seen as innocent and sexually inexperienced, making their identity naïve and the submissive. Enjo kōsai is not really a conscious of effort to reclaim masculinity but it enables married men as well. Single men get the advantage to experience the ideal form of masculinity by providing them satisfaction as a provider and even as a sexually dominant man living out his fantasies and desires. Since these men have power in this position, this is not only finite, but is also continually challenged through schoolgirls.…show more content…
The schoolgirl image has become a huge implication for teenage girls and women in worldwide. Thus, it is interesting to think of enjo kōsai as being able to broaden the scope of sexual desires and fetishes; for both men and women. Also, there are very few other fetishes (in physical or virtual worlds) where more sexual activities are increasing and more pornography is being released nowadays. Despite the constrains of the different views of the West to Japanese culture, hopefully our opinions and views towards Japanese culture will be changed by encouraging people from the West to broaden their perspectives and desires through this kind of
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