Janet Jackson's Career Analysis

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It’s no question that Janet Jackson is one of the most iconic and influential artist of all time. She has sold over 100 million albums; her tours have had some the highest selling debuts of all time, not to mention the chart topping hits she has created over the past 30 years. Janet’s presence alone is iconic. She has left an unforgettable impression on the music industry as a whole. Her music has affected fans and music lovers all around the world. Her influence is simply not a question it is a salutation to a musical icon that has embedded her legacy into musical history.

When I think of the word artist, I think of someone who is innovative, original and someone who has style and a sound all their own. One artist that comes to mind is Janet Jackson; they simple don’t make artist like Janet anymore. Unfortunately, she was the last of her kind. You can see her influence in most of today’s artist. I grew up on Janet’s music and I simply love each era of her work. To me Janet is more than a singer, she is a true artist. She not only writes most if not all of her music, but ...

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