Jane's problems

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Jane feels alone and she cannot bring out an appropriate association with people close to her in college. Many of them have some common features with Jane like avoiding of alcohol, unreasonable sex, and smoking compare to a few of them, but she cannot draw a solid connectedness with both groups. She hangs out with some of her friends and has several conversations with them, but she notices that she cannot convince herself that she can create a good link with them. She complains about some of her friends to Gene, “I hate to be judgmental or anything but they’re just so dorky” (3:34), and she continues about Darby, “Oh…he’s nice, but all he ever talks about is movies and cartoons…I don’t feel like I really know him” (3:34). Jane has some troubles with her roommate, Katherine, too. At the beginning of the college, Jane expected her roommate to be one of her best friends during college period and she was enthusiastic to see her roommate, but very soon, she notices that her roommate is not as her expectations and it makes her feel lonelier. Jane is far off from her family, friends, and ac...
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