Jane's Reflection

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Jane's life has encountered many people and events to change the course of fate. From her childhood she went through struggles and experienced life in a negative way. Through her life we see the gothic and romantic literature in the book from the encounters she has with everything from people to nature. Although she was raised into a life of despair and wrong treatment, she has still found a way to be happy and have a pleasant life. Through Jane's entire life she has been treated poorly from school at lowood with the teachers and her family the reeds(which consisted of her aunt and cousins). Jane only had a couple of people that really cared about her. Jane has now taken the ideal life of her best friend Helen which is now seen in Jane. As Jane gets to know mr Rochester more and more everyday, we begin to see her affection for him grow. We begin to see their relationship grow as mr Rochester continuously ask Jane paradox questions when they first meet. He sees her character through her work of art because of the fact that he knows much about the art of that time. As Jane falls for him, her life becomes more chaotic. Jane interactions with Mr Rochester guest is significant. This gives us the ideal vision of the Victorian era from the different social classes of that time. We are howled how they interacted with each other and how they affected everyone around them. Mr Rochester guest are in the high class of things and views Jane different to who she is in the eyes of the world. As Mr Rochester later returns to thornfild, we are introduced to Ms Ingram. As when Jane first describes Ms Ingram and the guest, we know that there are no average people and are ... ... middle of paper ... ...t- this was where the nerve was touched and teased- this was where the fever was sustained and fed: she could not charm him"(195). Jane sais she is not jealous but she feels that the thought of everything is killing her. She believes Rochester is her true love. We see that later the two confess their love each other after a failed stunt pulled by Rochester to trick Jane. Though Ingram Amy have more money and more power that can relate to Rochester, we see the romance unfolding of the clashing of the rich and poor class. There are many things that affect Janes life when she is interacted with other people that look down on her. We see Adele being affected as well as a child being treated like this just because of her class. Jane has now been through everything to go forward to do what she believes in. Her life has made her stronger through tough times.
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