Jane and Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

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684 words

Nobody lives a perfect life. People will experience certain things that may have a great impact on them. For some, being let down or disappointed might be more normal than being happy. In Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, the life lived by the protagonist, Jane, is full of disappointments. She was seldom happy, and when she did find her happiness in the man she loved, even he seemed to cross her. If her life wasn’t such as sad one, the events that occurred wouldn’t have impacted her the way they did. Jane could count on everyone to upset her, lie on her, bring her down. She could count on one person to make her feel content, Mr. Rochester. By now, Jane is accustomed to being disappointed. After discovering that they both love each other so very dearly, Mr. Rochester and Jane were getting married. When they get to the church and are beyond ready to tie the knot, they can’t. Jane gets slapped in the face with the fact that Mr. Rochester is already married to a woman who is still alive, and her name is Bertha Mason. This is Bertha’s formal introduction into the story, in the 26th chapter. She was introduced previously, however, as “the madwoman in the attic”. It was said that Bertha was downright insane, and she was in the care of Grace Poole. Her previous introduction was back in chapter 20 as “Grace Poole’s own goblin” (ch 20 pg 219). That was when she attacked Mason, her brother. As more of the truth behind the goblin unfolds, certain details become easier to understand. Once Bertha is introduced in the church as Mason’s sister, it can be understood why he came to Thornfield in the first place: to check on his sister. Mr. Rochester seems to loathe this woman beast that he calls “that fierce ragout”. “Compare these clear eyes with t... ... middle of paper ... ...o a madwoman. “May your eyes never shed stormy, scalding, heart-wrung tears as poured from mine.” (ch 27 pg 342). Jane hurt so bad, her heart wrung tears. Although Bertha has inflicted pain upon Jane, she doesn’t retaliate; after Helen, Jane understood that it was not necessary to get revenge on those who hurt her. Even though Mr. Rochester wrongfully kept a deep, dark secret from her, she still loved him with her whole heart. An orphan, surviving through abuse and neglect as a child, getting mistreated and dealt with unfairly, and Jane still has space to get set up to be let down by the only person in the world who ever made her feel like she needed to be alive. There is no question that each dreadful experience of Jane made her who she now is. Jane is much stronger than she appears to be; a madwoman was her husband’s wife, but the goblin can’t take away her love.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how jane eyre's life is full of disappointments, and she could count on everyone to upset her, lie on her and bring her down.
  • Analyzes how jane gets slapped in the face with the fact that mr. rochester is already married to a woman who is still alive.
  • Analyzes how bertha impacted jane and made her feel like a cold, solitary girl again, even after finding her rue love.
  • Analyzes how jane's reaction to this occurrence was similar to previous disappointments. she would barely tell anyone what she really felt without being too sarcastic.
  • Opines that each dreadful experience of jane made her who she now is. she is stronger than she appears to be, but the goblin can't take away her love.
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