Jane Boulding Theory And Inflanation Of Margaret Mead's Theory

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Margaret Mead Major Theoretical The major theoretical position of Margaret Mead was heavenly focused on the importance of culture and the way individuals behave within a given social setting. Most of Meads theoretical worked was labeled as the National Character Studies this study “was the contention that culture shapes behavior and that culture traits can be attributed to groups of people even as large as the nation- state”(Cuzzort & King, (2002), p.396). What this means is that culture behavior are shared experience by the people in one’s cultural group so in order for people to belong to a culture they begin to conform to the norms in order to belong to a group. Mead expressed that there are three types of cultures, labeled as postfigurative, configurative and prefigurative, which explain the culture in which we are living in today society. Postfigurative cultures are based on the cultures of the past in which the older people…show more content…
Boulding theory of peace education was examined on all levels which included family, gender, culture, class, age, and race to name a few. Within her theoretical framework Boulding included her spiritual roots of Quakers. Peace Education for Elise Boulding was an important theory. A interview that Boulding did, she was asked what the word Peace Education mean to her, she stated “the term itself evokes stereotypes in people minds-as if there were some special course you could take” (Stephenson, C. (2011) p.116). She rather the word peace learning because it changes the values of something out there to what happen inside a learner. Peace Education was another way for children to become peacemaker and make decision that would empower them to help with peace in the world. Boulding vision was to practice what she believed in to make the world

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