Jane Austen 's Knowledge Of The World

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Jane Austen worried that she made, “a heroine whom no one but [her]self will much like” when in fact Emma became considered her masterpiece. While Jane Austen feared the worst for her novel, “she could hardly have been more mistaken. Not only is the novel usually seen as her masterpiece, but her heroine has won innumerable friends”. Sir Walter Scott wrote in 1816 that Jane Austen’s, “knowledge of the world, and the peculiar tact with which she presents characters that the reader cannot fail to recognize, reminds us something of the merits of the Flemish school of painting. The subjects are not often elegant, and certainly never grand; but they are finished to nature, and with a precision which delights the reader.” Critics thought Jane Austen was a literary genius and although Emma as a character is flawed, she is likeable because she ultimately has a good heart and does what she does out of love. Emma is praised “as Austen 's most carefully crafted or skillfully written novel” and the characters are relatable and congenial. Modern critics are concerned with Emma’s imagination and her connection to the other characters. Maaja Stewart discusses poverty in Emma, and how Emma uses her imagination to romanticize it and use it to her benefit. Stewart touches on the point how money was everything during this time—with it one was “everything,” without it one was “nothing.” Especially for women because women typically married only in their own class so there was very little chance to move up in the world. Emma’s rampant imagination leads her to dramatize Jane’s poverty. Stewart argues that Emma uses the gypsy attack and the rescue by Churchill to fit the love story her imagination has cooked up. Stewart is displeased how Austen depicted t... ... middle of paper ... ...ne (quote him flirting with Emma). While Jane is very serious and quiet while their relationship is a secret, once they are out in the open she becomes (quote). Their values are not the same, but Jane will teach Frank to be a better person. Jane has humility and cares deeply for her friends as she never says a bad word about anyone. Frank is charming and amiable and he values making others happy. Together as a couple they will encourage each other to be better and to grow. Emma Woodhouse and Mr. Knightly are a successful couple because they are compatible in class, personality, and values. Both Emma and Mr. Knightly are equal in class; they are lifelong friends and stated that they have a (quote sibling) relationship. Emily Auerbach of argues that although they claim to have a fraternal relationship, they actually act as though they have been married a long time.
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