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Summary From about 5000 miles around the globe, 34 years old Jamie Oliver from Essex, England passionately shares an important message that has the potential to save lives. Looking back into his past, Jamie’s interest for food began at an early age. It was then that his career journey sprouted and took off. Today, Jamie is one the most influential professionals and celebrity in the food industry. This culinary chef is well known for using fresh ingredients in his cooking. He is also the founder of the Fifteen Foundation that trains young chef from challenged backgrounds to run his restaurants. His work does not stop there; Jamie has published many cookbooks, designed cookware and is revolutionary food activist. His knowledge background and…show more content…
According to the national vital statistics report of April 2009, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke the leading cause of death in the United States. In fact, these diseases are actually conditions that are caused by diet and obesity. In the talk, Jamie points out that today’s food is largely processed and filled with additives and artificial ingredients which contribute to excess weight gain and obesity. As a result, there is a higher risk of developing and dying from a diet related disease. This issue is coming at a cost the no one wants to face. Some examples include increased healthcare bills, shorter lifespans and strained relationships of affected individuals and their family and friends. Diet related disease is not only a problem affecting the people of America, but it is a global one and it is growing countries like Germany, China, India, Mexico, as well as back home in England. The importance of the need for a food revolution stressed in order to make a healthy and effective change. In order to achieve this change, Jamie tells his informs his audience of the vital need to go back to the basics and understand the underlying problems with the food system. He explains that the main stream food industry, the home and school are the primary cause of unhealthy food habits which lead…show more content…
However, although the talk was moving and provided extensive awareness, it still had its strengths and weaknesses. Looking at the strengths the talk was extremely well presented. Jamie included adequate research and evidence to support his facts and ideas. For example the use of clips of case interviews where the audience had an opportunity to view the issue of diet and obesity in the schools and in the home. In the beginning of the talk, he used a bar graph that explored the leading causes of death in a given population. Based on the graph he concluded that heart disease, all forms of cancer, stroke, and diabetes weren’t only the leading causes of death but also identifies these diseases as conditions caused by diet and obesity. Oliver used data from the national vital statistics report of April 2009 to support this claim. Throughout the talk the statistical evidence that Jamie continued to use remain relevant to the points he made. Therefore it was easy to understand and see how the different points he discussed were interrelated. However, I feel that Jamie left out some relevant information that may have more supportive to his talk. For

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