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James V. Schall’s, “A Student’s Guide to Liberal Learning” wants us to understand that the nature of the universe gives us opportunities for different things. He addresses that the universe allows us to gain new knowledge in any place that we might be. In Schall’s “A Student’s Guide to Liberal Learning,” he mentions “one that is capable of altering us to intellectual riches that are almost never found in universities or in the popular culture.” From this I understood that the universe always gives opportunities to acquire and learn new knowledge. The universe allows us to learn different things. For example, things that might be facts or simply random things that are interesting. Another example, Schall states that the universe gives us new opportunities to different things, is when he says “this latter quest is, after all, the great human adventure.” From this I understood that the new knowledge that is acquired can be like a quest. This quest for new knowledge can be an adventure because you can receive different feedback. The process in which the feedback is gained is what makes the life of the human being adventurous. A quest is similar to a game that a human being has to solve and when the quest is in the process of being solved, the experience that the human being gets out of it is an adventure. Moreover, the nature of human beings in “A Student’s Guide to Liberal Learning” is to be able to develop its process of thought. Schall’s work mentions how human beings need to be able to choose the right information that they are collecting from the new knowledge that they gain. Schall says, “The human mind must also choose to use [its thought process] properly to achieve its primary purpose which is to find the truth of things.” ... ... middle of paper ... ... to Liberal Learning” he says, “the truth will not only “make us free” but it is itself free.” I understood that once humans are able to find the truth in what the universe gives us, not only will human beings be able to be happy, but they will also be able to be free. Given these points, the nature of the universe gives human beings the opportunity to gain new knowledge. Which lets human beings have the ability to use their minds. For that reason, the nature of human beings is to be able to develop their process of thought. With the information that humans collect they can start to think which piece of information is true and which is false. This takes us to the last step, in order for humans to be happy they need to be able to be true to themselves. When they find the truth in the things they will achieve to be true to themselves, which will lead them to be happy.

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