James Monroe: The Fifth President of the United States

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James Monroe wasn’t born to live an ordinary life, but an extraordinary one. He was born April 28, 1758, in his parents house in a forest area of Westmoreland County, Virginia. His father Spence Monroe (1727-1774) worked as a planter and carpenter. James’s mother Elizabeth Jones (1730-1774) married his father in 1752 and they both had several children together. James grew up with his siblings by the same teachings of his mother. His parents died when he was a teenager. When he became of age, he attended the College of William and Mary and fought in the Continental Army. After he was wounded in New York serving in George Washington’s army he met Elizabeth Kortright. They got married on February 16, 1786, when he was twenty-seven and Elizabeth was seventeen. When he realized he could not become as wealthy as his father he broadened his horizons, moved and practiced law along with politics in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The couple had three children together- Eliza, James, Maria When he was a young politician he became an anti-Federalist at the Virginia Convention, which helped ratify ...

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