James Monroe

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James Monroe was the President of The United States of America from 1817-1921 and he was re-elected in 1921 without opposition; he retired in 1825. James Monroe was born in September, 1759, in the county of Westmoreland, in the then Colony of Virginia, and at the time of the Declaration of Independence, was in the process of completing his education at the college of William & Mary. He was then seventeen years of age, and at the first formation of the American Army entered it as a cadet. (The Lives of James Madison and James Monroe: Fourth & Fifth Presidents of the United States By John Quincy Adams Chp 5) He was one of the first members of Congress 1783-1786 and after that he was elected a member of the Legislature of Virginia and a member of the Executive Council. . He lived his life on this earth during the years of 1758-1831. Tremendous national unity and pride was caused by his administration. The nation was rebounding with a growing economy and expanding west. The world stage was growing with increasing confidence. On...

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