James Madison’s Federalist Papers' Comparison of the Republic and Democatic Governement

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It started back in the early days of 1787 where ideas of the best government for the current and future of this country. Its something our four fathers had to think about after only a short time being a nation after the Revolution. The Revolution was a lesson that there needs to be a government where the people have more say. This question has been asked before and much like our four fathers the best thing to do is write about it. Write about what is better, whether that be a Republican government or a Democratic government. Through the source of James Madison’s Federalist paper ten, the following question will be answered. Comparing and Contrasting both governments and explaining the side of each. However, like Madison and his Federalist paper there will be a clear choice what’s best.
The biggest threat to our country in the eyes of Madison is something phrased repetitively in his writing and that is “Factions”. A Factions is simply a small group that shares an interest which eventually will destroy our system if it can not be contained. The most difficult thing about Factions is it can not be removed completely for by doing so would eliminate the citizens’ liberty. In the words of Madison, “Liberty is to faction, as Air is to Fire”. There needs to be liberty for politics to survive and since liberty feeds the factions the problem is how can it be maintained? There will always be a group of people that share interests or opinions about a topic positive or negative that is their right. What concerns Madison is that these factions will grow and eventually poison the system.
Keep in mind that either Democracy or Republican governments are not the perfect solution. A Democracy is a government built for a smaller scale and focuses o...

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... the ballot. The Representative government is the best possible solution for now and the future of governing a large group or nation. Its a “cure”.
There are many similar questions asked about both governments in 1787 and today in 2014. Both sides make valid arguments to bring the citizens more involved in what is going on in their country. Yet the biggest concern for both is factions, in what system can it survive with factions in place. As long as there is liberty there will always be factions. The Democratic side is to small of a scale to limit the factions, eventually there will be an overwhelming number of them. The Republican version however will limit the factions to where they would not affect the system in the long run. Eventually all of the Representatives would out number the Faction groups enough to where they could not make a big impact on the ballots.

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