James Madison: The Father of The Constitution

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James Madison was born in 1751; he was the oldest of 12 children. He was from a wealthy Virginian family. James was a small child and was not healthy or rambunctious; he spent a lot of time reading. He was married later in life to Dolley Payne Todd and had no children. Madison attended the College of New Jersey which later took the name of Princeton University; he took a liking to history and politics, that opened bigger doors for the soon to be president of the United States.
In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was ratified; while a member of the Virginia State Legislature, Madison helped create the Virginia State Constitution. He also went on to becoming a very important part of changes with the Articles of Confederation, there were 85 essays combined, Madison wrote 29 of them which were known as the “Federalist Papers”, he requested amendment be made to the Constitution, he created the importance of the Declaration of Independence, which in turn led to the implementation for the Bill of Rights. Madison’s overall contribution to the U.S. Constitution earned him the nickname the “Father of the Constitution”.
Madison pointed out that there were weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation, a few would soon to be amended were, that the central government had no executive branch which caused for no unity in policy-making and no way to coordinate the work of the different committees, had no court system, and congress did not have the power of levy or collect taxes-it could only raise money by borrowing or requesting money from states. James Madison was inspired for change.
Madison introduced the first amendments (additions) to the Constitution, which are now known as the Bill of Rights. One of Madison’s most influential essays...

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...ancially stable. By 1813, the Treaty of Ghent ended with no winner. In 1815, Madison once again led the nation to war called the Second Barbary War which the Americans won. Madison led an impressive political career and retired two years later in 1817.
In 1836, Madison died in his family plantation home in Virginia. Leaving a legacy of an evolutionary world we live in today. Known as “Father of the Constitution”, he helped write much of the Constitution. He also wrote 29 of 85 “Federalist Papers” to have the Constitution approved. Madison was for the people he wrote the Bill of Rights, standing up for the American people. He helped found the Democratic Republican Party with Thomas Jefferson. After a lesson learned as the fourth President leading two wars, he saw the value of having a strong federal government. President James Madison, will forever be in our History.

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