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James Madison wrote the federalist papers to explain the federal system should of government to the the american people. The federalist papers also introduced the idea of factions in a republican government. James Madison describes a faction as a small, organized group that forms within a larger group which is often present in politics. Republican governments are prone to factions. In order for a republican government to be successful it is important to protect against factions. Madison believed there are two ways to protect against factions;to get rid of them or control them. If you get rid of factions you destroy liberty which the republican government is based on. Liberty is essential to the existence of a republican government .The causes…show more content…
The Great Compromise established how slaves would be represented;each slave would be represented as three -fifths of a person. In order for the Southerners to not have tax on their ports they compromised with northerners by allowing Congress to regulate trade between states and other nations. Lastly,they delegates could not decide whether to establish a supreme court system or to establish a lower courts as well. In addition ,the delegates had disagreements on whether the president or senate should have the power to select supreme court judges. A compromise was reached and as a result the president nominates supreme court judges and the senate confirms them. The Constitution would not be ratified if the delegates were not able to compromise,and by compromising justice prevailed and they were able to outline a Constitution for the “common good” of the…show more content…
Delegates had concerns over tyranny and wanted to form a government that doesn 't threaten the majority or minority.The delegates had not resolved the issue of separation of powers;divided the powers between the different branches of government, at the constitutional convention. James Madison proposed a governmental structure that separates the powers of government into the executive,legislative,and judiciary branch.The madisonian model refers to system of checks and balances where each branch has the power to check each other 's actions. The delegates were able to reach a compromise and ratify the constitution based on support for popular sovereignty where people have control and a republican form of government where people vote to elect representatives that represent their interest to make decisions for them.As well as limited goverment that had written laws,seperation of powers,checks and balences,and a federal system which included states rights. The federal system was set up as a compromise for those who wanted states to have sovereign control or the national government to have sovereign

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