James King Guilty Of Alguinaldo Nesbit's Murder

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209 words

As the three witnesses claim what happened, it proves that all evidence points to James King who is guilty of Alguinaldo Nesbit’s murder. The testimony of Bobo Evans shows how James King was the one that pulled the gun from Mr.Nesbit’s hands and pulled the trigger. Lorelle Henry’s testify shows that she was a witness of James arguing with him at the counter before the gun was pulled out. The testimony of Osvaldo Cruz proves that James had one of the men planning the whole robbery from the starts and every one who was a part of it knew that he was going to be there in the store. Evidence shows that James King did not try to hide the trail of known fact of him being there at the robbery because of the number of people that had known that he

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  • Explains that all evidence points to james king who is guilty of alguinaldo nesbit's murder. the testimony of bobo evans, lorelle henry, and osvald cruz prove that james had one of the men planning the whole robbery from the start.
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