James K Polk Dbq

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The early 1700’s saw the arrival of James K Polk’s lineage in America. Robert Bruce Polk (shortened from Pollock) moved his Scottish-Irish family to the shore of Eastern Maryland, establishing the one of the first Presbyterian congregations of the New World. In the late 1750’s the Polk’s (along with the family of seventh president Andrew Jackson) moved into the Carolinas as a part of a swarm of national migration. Several decades later on November 2nd 1795 James K Polk, future president of the United States, was born to Samuel Polk (slaveholder and farmer) and Jane Knox in a farmhouse in Mecklenburg, North Carolina. Though Sam and Jane Polk adhered to the Presbyterian religion James was not baptized. This was the outcome of a heated argument by his father and a Presbyterian minister regarding…show more content…
The wagon covered voyage provoked considerable health damage for the young boy and in 1812 he underwent the removal of urinary stones. As anesthesia had not been invented, Polk was fully conscious for the procedure and was appeased by the use of brandy. His illness also suspended his ability to attend formal schooling and was consequentially homeschooled for the majority of his life. His sickly nature prohibited farm work and after a brief stint as a merchant’s apprentice he was enrolled in school. Within three years, despite lack of previous formal education, Polk became the best student at his private school in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. In his early twenties he was enrolled at the University of North Carolina where he would graduate president of the school’s debate society and top of his class. He eventually completed his legal studies under attorney Felix Grundy, established a law practice and was appointed Clark of the Tennessee State
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