James Cain's Life and Mildred Pierce

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James Cain's Life and Mildred Pierce

Five Works Cited James M. Cain's biography produced different events that reappear in

Mildred Pierce. The son of James and Rose Cain, James M. Cain was born in

Annapolis, Maryland. He was the oldest of five siblings. James mother was

a opera singer and this is one of four distinct pieces of his life that

reappears in Mildred Pierce. When Cain had grown up he entered the labor

force, where he failed at a variety of jobs. He eventually became a

editorial writer, who enjoyed and excelled at writing articles about food.

Later James Cain became script writer, moving to Hollywood in the process.

This brief outline of James Cain's life provides excellent insight into

why he wrote Mildred Pierce the way he did.

People and events that have to do with the opera spring up through

out Mildred Pierce because opera was a big part of Cain's life. James Cain

had first hand experience with singing and the opera taking lessons at one

point in his life. This is probably why James includes two instructors,

Mr. Hannen and Mr. Treviso in the story. Mr. Treviso in particular,


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In this essay, the author

  • Introduces mildred pierce, the son of james and rose cain.
  • Describes the four distinct pieces of the opera singer's life.
  • Opines that opera was a big part of cain's life.
  • Narrates how james cain makes veda a successful opera singer who has success.
  • Explains that mother and love of the opera she participated in had a huge influence on her.
  • Describes james' passion for food, which led to his career as a writer.
  • Narrates how leaving the restaurant made it a fast food joint.
  • Opines that james cain wrote such a quality novel.
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