James Bowie Research Paper

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James Bowie was born on April 10,1796 in Logan County Kentucky. His father actually fought in the American Revolution. His mother was a nurse that treated his father and they later fell in love. He was the 9th child of 10! As a child he was expected to farm in his home near Bayou Teche in Louisiana. He had moved many times previously places including Kentucky and Missouri. His family had a lot of cattle and farmland. He was home schooled which is where he learned to read, speak, and write English and he also learned how to speak, read, and write fluent Spanish and French. he was extremely smart and had a lot of "bad" He left home at the age of 18 with his brother Rezin. To gain money him and his brother entered a partner ship with the pirate…show more content…
He Fell in love and got engaged to a Cecilia wells. They were married on April 23,1831. Many different people disagree on the amount of children they had but most think its one, two, or none whatsoever. at the beginning of their marriage bowie wasn't home very often. he was usually hunting. bowie's family was killed by the cholera epidemic while he was on a short business trip. Bowie and a friend decided to move to Mexico on January 1,1830. 2 months later they became citizens of Mexico. Bowie was mostly known for the "bowie knife" Which was part of the sandbar fight. the sandbar fight was a fight between two men. bowie fought with a large hunting knife. This later became know as the bowie knife. The knife was actually made by his "favorite" brother rezin, the one he ran away with. Rezin, bowie's brother was mainly an inventor which explains how he made the iconic bowie knife. Rezin gave bowie a knife because he had been shot previously during the fight.IN the year 1824 , bowie made a big life decision he decided to get himself establish himself and move to Texas. the only ACCEPTABLE religion in Mexico at the time was roman catholic. He Fell in love and got engaged to a Cecilia
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