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He said that if I were to meet with Gabriel, I should meet him at our house, on my turf just in case Gabriel decided to act a fool or something. I pushed Sheldon’s words to the back of my mind. Hard headed as I could be! Gabriel may have made stupid decisions in following after Elijah, but he was not violent at all. I could not believe Gabriel would physically harm anyone at all. Besides, the bookstore was a great place to meet because it was public and located on a very busy street. If he was going to try something, it was not going to be in a public place. He was not that stupid. When I arrived at work I made ten copies of Elijah’s paper work. I put one copy in my purse, that would be the one I would show to Gabriel and the others were placed in my briefcase. My work day went by so fast! Before I knew it, it was time to leave. I walked out the door, going to the parking lot. I called Morgan to let her know that I was going to meet Gabriel. Morgan said, “Mama why don’t you leave them retarded people alone? It doesn’t matter anymore! We are disconnected from all their mess. Let them swim in their own shit!” I completely understood what Morgan was saying, and I was going to leave them to their own shit but, I just wanted to make sure that Gabriel was aware that Elijah is on the Tennessee sex offenders list and then after that, I am done with them. They never have to see me again. Morgan disagreed with me going to meet Gabriel, but there was nothing she could do to stop me. I said, “Thank you for your concern, but I am good. I love you baby girl and I will be home around about seven-thirty or so.” I hung up my cell phone. I put my briefcase in the trunk of my car and started making my way to midtown Kansas City, Missouri. I ... ... middle of paper ... ...er going to be a part of that crap ever again! I told him that I would discuss it with my family because he seemed so desperate to keep us in his congregation and I could not understand why! When I left the Christian church, the only ones that called me was my family. The Christians never begged my family to stay or to come back at all. They kept it moving and they were never mean about it either. They did not give a damn whether we were there or not and they remained friendly. To this day, if I see them, we still talk and enjoy one another’s company. Gabriel said, “Well Trina, I am just glad that you are open minded enough to talk to your family about it. I appreciate that much. Hey Sis while I was away in Nashville I picked up a gift for my little brother Eric, would you follow me out back to my truck. I want to give it to you, please give it to him for me.”

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