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Marketing often comes down to making your customers intelligent enough to buy your products or services. They have to understand what it is you're selling, how it'll help them, and how much better it is than any other solution. Jamba Juice is a leading juice and smoothies retail chain in the country. Started in 1990, originally called The Juice Club, their stores are now open in most states giving their customers an unexpected health experience by offering the best ingredients, remarkable service, and amazing flavor, nutrients and variety. Jamba Juice is a company that follows on living a balanced lifestyle that integrates nutrition, fitness and fun. Its passion for health and uncompromising commitment to quality are the keys to its customers' fulfillment and consequently to its success. Jamba Juice is known for their fresh-squeezed fruit and vegetable juice blends that are made on the spot with no additives such as sugars, preservatives, or artificial flavors. The company's main goal is to augment the daily experience of its customers, its community, and its team members through the life-nourishing qualities of fruits and vegetables.

The main marketing issues for Jamba or any other company are social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory when compared with a environmental scan of the United States of America. If a Juice Club were to be open near the University Of Massachusetts Lowell, an environmental scan would prove to be useful. The strengths could be the college environment since they seem to have expendable income to use. However, the area around the university tends to be a more situated around the middleclass income. The college student is an ever transient demo since they are only here for about 4 years. College students are also not here all year long so they are not truly your long-term customers, especially because they only have four years to spend at the university. The people who live around the school would be considered the main customer base.

Also, a juice bar is a trend-based business, so one should consider whether or not a college area is a trend-setting environment. Considering the economic downturn we are in right now, does it truly make a Juice Bar a necessity? For example, you would assume that the consumers are going to save their money to buy lettuce and milk, rather than spen...

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...mmended solutions would

be to conduct marketing research to find out if this is something people around campus and the surrounding area would want. The product should then be promoted by setting up a booth in the university center or near the food court and give out product samples. A survey could follow, as a way to find out the opinions of the new potential customers. The company must also ask themselves if everyone will succumb to the health craze, or if they will be directed toward coffee shops. They also have to look at coke, pepsi, milk, beer, liquor, etc., because those are all indirect competition for Jamba Juice. Not everybody likes Juice, so if Jamba Juice provided other beverage options and snack foods like power bars or muffins, they would probably make a much higher profit. To establish itself from other juice bars in the area or the bars that might follow, Jamba Juice needs to differentiate themselves using many promotional strategies, such as, store atmosphere, coupons or giveaways, good quality, good products and flavors, etc. By incorporating all of these strategies, Jamba Juices has a much higher chance of becoming a success.

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