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Jack “Jackie” Roosevelt Robinson was born January 31, 1919 in Cairo Georgia. There he lived with his family in dire poverty on a sharecropper’s farm. Abandoned by his father, at age one, his mother moved their family to Pasadena, California; there she raised Robinson and his four siblings all by herself. Jack became a star athlete in high school excelling in football, basketball, track, and his weakest sport baseball. Jack was not the only athlete in his family. His brother Mack, won a silver medal in the 1936 Berlin Olympics for the 200 meter dash finishing second to Jesse Owens. When his brother returned the only job he could get was sweeping the streets. Robinson grew to hate Pasadena, according to Ray Bartlett, a friend he would later meet at UCLA. (Jerome 71) While Mallie, Jack’s mom, struggled to raise her family alone, she instilled the values in Robinson that made him fight not just for himself, but for others. (Berkow A16) Robinson attended Pasadena Community College, where he excelled in basketball, track, baseball, and football. (Hageman 1) After community college, he enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In 1941 he became the first athlete in the history of UCLA to letter in all four of those sports in the same year. It was in 1940 when Bartlett introduced Robinson to, his future wife, a nursing student named Rachel Isum. Two years later they were separated when Robinson was drafted into the US Army. Robinson served stateside during the war, and achieved the rank of Second Lieutenant status. While in serving in Texas, Robinson was court-martialed for refusing to move to the back of the bus, almost eleven years before Rosa Parks. Robinson was later acquitted and received an honorable discharg... ... middle of paper ... ...Rhoden, William. "Robinson's Battles Went Far Beyond the Diamond." The New York Times 13 April 1987: 6. Web. 29 Jan 2014. . Shribman, David M. "Doubled-barreled hero; A deftly written, sensitive look at baseball and civil-rights legend Jackie Robinson." Chicago Tribune 29 Sep 2002: 4. Web. 14 2014 Feb. . Smith, Tim. "Robinson Legacy Energizes Bronx." Daily News (New York) 16 April 2012: 50. Web. 29 Jan 2014. . Thigpen, David. "Beyond Baseball a Detailed New Biography Traces Jackie Robinson's Struggles On and Off the Diamond." Chicago Tribune 5 Oct 1997: 1. Web. 15 Feb 2014. . Vecsey, George. "Mays Pays Homage To Jackie Robinson." New York Times 7 Apr 1997: C9. Web. 15 Feb 2014. . Will, George F. "Taking a Bat to Prejudice." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 16 April 2007: B-7. Web. 29 Jan 2014. .

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