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Since the Apple iPhone released for the first time in 2007, hackers have aimed to break the limits of the device's technological capabilities. This process that is used to modify the operating system of the iPhone, and enabling the users of the iPhone to take the advantages of the technology that is not authorized by Apple is commonly known as "jailbreaking". Though jailbreaks were released by small groups of hackers, each release had a widespread use by iPhone holders. Apple has appealed to outlaw jailbreaking, and claims that it's violating Apple’s copyrights to the iPhone operating system (iOS) under § 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Supporters of jailbreaking, specifically the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), claim that the use of jailbreaking is fair use of Apple's iOS, and also set forth several policy reasons supporting jailbreaking. In 2012, the Librarian of Congress ruled that jailbreaking was exempted from § 1201 protection, allowing jailbreaking to be legal for the next three years. iPhone users were unsatisfied with the services offered by Apple and they saw that apple is controlling their freedom to use their belongings the way they like, that was the reason why jailbreaking arose. At the very first times of the iPhone, users didn't have the ability to unlock their devices to use with service providers other than AT&T. moreover, their devices could not be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot and themes could not be installed on the device. "In the early versions of the iPhone, hackers were able to exploit bugs found in the bootrom, which allowed the jailbreak to exist throughout the life of the device, and could not be fixed by Apple through a software patch. Once Apple realized that jailbreakers exploited the ... ... middle of paper ... ...fees for the terminations of service. These big decisions that was made by the librarian of congress could lead to a very big conflict in the future considering all the issues that was caused by jailbreaking like the free cracked apps, unlocking the phones and changing the service provider and a lot of other hacking things that could be possible to run by a jailbroken iPhone all of this issues faded the advances that was made by jailbreak , it is beginning to be faded by the illegal things and activities that is available to all the users who have jailbroken phones. This bad picture that is being generated for the jailbreak using the illegal things that could be done by the jailbreak can lead to some rules that might change the game towards the interests of apple in preventing the users from jailbreaking their phones and the hackers from continuing in the jailbreak.

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