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Rough Draft Washington Irving wrote mainly essays and short stories such as “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” and “Rip Van Winkle.” And to this day is called “the father of the modern short story”. This paper is on the work and life of Washington Irving. In this paper I will tell how he came by the marvelous stories that he is famous for. Like the famous story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”. Another story that he is famous for is “Rip Van Winkle.”. I will also tell about his life from birth to death. Such as the fact that he was named in honor of our first president George Washington (Source B Pg.1). Another fact that for most of his young life he had very poor health. So I will start at the very beginning at the start of his life and writing career. Washington Irving was born on the third of April, 1783 in New York, NY (Source A Pg.1). Washington was born into a family of eleven other children. His father was an austere Presbyterian and his mother was a genial Anglican (Source A Pg.1). His father’s name was William Irving and his mother’s name was Sarah Irving. Washington cut his academic studies short at the age of sixteen and went to study law in the office of Josiah Ogden Hoffman (Source A Pg.1). This is where he got his start as a writer and essayist. During his time studying law he became engaged to Hoffman’s daughter but when she suddenly died he never got over the loss. After traveling the world in 1826 he went to live in Spain were he gained wonderful inspiration for many of his Spanish books (Source A Pg.1). He went to Spain on account of an invitation from Alexander Hill Everest. The invitation asked for Washington to join Alexander in his embassy in Madrid. Washington accepted with great eagerness because of his recent fi... ... middle of paper ... ...d. He was a man who made New Yorkers proud to call themselves Knickbocker’s (Source B Pg.1). This is why Washington Irving will always be remembered in modern society as one of America’s literary founding fathers (Source C Pg.1). From the start of his career as a professional writer and essayist with his wonderful style of writing. The fact that his first start as a writer was in an office of law. That some people doubted him and criticized him for his style of writing. To the time after he gained international fame and was approaching the time for his death. He grew in fame but never thought of himself as higher than his fellow man. He gave the world a sign that America gradually maturing and was ready to take its place in the modern world (Source D Pg.1). This is why I think that Washington Irving sold be listed as one of America’s hero’s and as a founding father.

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