Jacksonian Democracy Dbq 7

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DBQ 7: Jacksonian Democracy During Jackson's Presidency suffrage rights were limited to white males that owned property and were wealthy. With Jackson's presidency, a new type of democracy was proposed. This was a democracy that extends the suffrage rights to all white males irrespective of their social/economic status. However, this new and extreme proposal for that time brought a political disagreement regarding whether the extension of suffrage was proper and beneficial for the American society. Suffrage was extended because people were all created equal and all contribute to the society regardless of their wealth and property ownership. Many were in favor of extending suffrage rights, though many were against it to. Among the arguments that were pro extending suffrage, such as how it would be for the common good, the most valid argument was that a person's virtue and morality should determine voting eligibility rather than owning property, while the poorest arguments against extending suffrage were that it would jeopardize property and minority rights, release debtors from prison, and encourage wicked politicians. Suffrage should be extended to other white males regardless of their wealth and ownership. According to Nathan Sanford, who was a chairman of the committee of the New York State Convention, the virtue and morality of an individual are more important than wealth and property ownership. Nathan adds that virtue and morality should be the qualifications to vote. According to him those that "contribute to public support,” qualify to have suffrage rights and more importantly, this includes most of the white male population. According to him, this plan of extending suffrage rights is safe and beneficial to the whole society... ... middle of paper ... ...t was of more importance than personal esteem, and truly fine statesmen like John Quincy Adams were voted out by the majority, “both drunk and sober” (Doc. 3 and 4). Nevertheless, the idea of the extension of suffrage rights still makes much more sense than the arguments provided by the opponents due to the fact that equality is truly represented by giving the right to vote to the individuals regardless of their economic status. Furthermore, one of the issues that caused the American Revolution was taxation without representation. However, if the United States did not let all white men vote, it would mean that the United States was no better than the British. Even if the election results vote out such individuals as John Quincy Adams, the election is still more beneficial to the society because it represents the sincere and open vote of all able bodied white males.

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