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Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States of America. Serving from 1829-1837, he was nothing less than a hero. He was a brilliant and efficient leader, a war veteran, and most of all; he was a champion for the common man. Coming from a humble background, he quickly won the hearts of the people. Above all, his actions as president began a new age in American politics. Like all Presidents, he was not perfect; however, his positives outweigh his negatives. I believe that Jackson was one of the top ten Presidents of the United States because of his past experience, his remarkable policies, and his startling decisions that changed the political landscape forever. Jackson was a well-seasoned Politician with a lot of experience. Before he became President, he was a Senator from Tennessee. This political experience helped him mature as a decision-maker. Having studied law, he became a lawyer and a Judge giving him much needed experience in the field. Perhaps the greatest experience Andrew Jackson gained was from his time in the military. Jackson had experience from the age of 13, where he worked as a Courier in the local Militia during the American Revolutionary war. He lost his Mother and brother both to the war. Jackson later defeated the British in the War of 1812, and then he defeated the Seminole Indians in 1818. (Document 10). His authority is evident in the way he takes out the Seminole tribes, “the Seminoles were chased all the way to West Florida, territory under Spanish Control, Jackson took control of Seminole Forts as he went...” (Document 10). His experience in such campaigns made Jackson able to perform well in office -he knew what he was doing. A good president always is known for his... ... middle of paper ... ...f the laws of the United States, I will hang the first man of them I get my hands on…to the first tree I can find.” (Document 4). After what Jackson said, South Carolina decided not to Secede. Because of Jackson’s actions, he preserved the union and kept the country together. Since this was an incident not to be taken lightly, Jackson is once again definitely one of the top 10 presidents. In conclusion, Andrew Jackson had some downfalls, but he has more positives than negatives about his presidency. However, we cannot fully tell if Jackson was a great President without looking at different angles. For me, he was a great president because of his experience, his policies, and decisions that continue to make an impact today. In the end, nevertheless, I believe he stands among the greats in the list of top ten Presidents of the United States of America.

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