Jackie Robinson Research Paper

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In America we are given the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, however, this wasn’t the same for Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson was the first African American Major League Baseball player. Robinson opened up new opportunities for African Americans around the world and changed the game of baseball forever. He faced many hardships to get baseball and our nation to the way it is today. “ A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”- Jackie Robinson( 1) Robinson was born January 31, 1919, in Cairo, Georgia. He was the youngest child out of five, and like most african american families, he lived in poverty. He sometimes went to bed without any dinner because they were so poor. Robinson…show more content…
After Robinson got Honorably discharged, he went to play baseball. He played for the Kansas City Monarchs, which was in the Negro League. He hated playing for the Monarchs because the fields, players, and buses made it seem unprofessional to him. Then he was contacted by Branch Rickey, the head of the Brooklyn Dodgers. His idea was to mix African Americans into the same baseball team as whites in professional baseball. Before they started him out on the Dodgers, they sent him through a trial run with the Montreal Royals to get a feel for things. He did good, and Rickey moved him up to the Dodgers. One of the reasons Rickey picked Robinson was because he wasn’t like most other players. He would never back down from any challenge no matter how tough it was because he wanted to prove that African Americans should be allowed to do everything whites were allowed to do, he wanted change.”You want a guy that comes to play. But Robinson didn’t just come to play. He came to beat you. He came to stuff the damn bat right up your ass”- Leo Durocher( 1) While he played, he not only had to take abuse from other teams but his own teammates as well. He had promised Rickey that he wouldn’t fight back. Hopefully, then everyone would see that African Americans were good
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