Jackie Robinson: An Ideal Baseball Player

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185 words

Jackie Robinson was an influential player he was black man in a white league so he had to deal with all the racism around it. At this time black people had to drink from a different water fountain which Jackie hated to do which I would also. The Brooklyn Dodgers Manager believed that even though he is black he can still be a good baseball player who deserves to be able to play at the highest level. Jackie played very well at the start of his MLB career but because of racial discrimination he was called names from the stand or other teams coaches such the N-word or phrases such as go back to africa we have no room for blacks in the MLB. Jackie Robinson was known for his speed and being able to steal home which is one of the hardest things

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that jackie robinson was an influential player because he was black in a white league and had to deal with racism. the brooklyn dodgers manager believed that even though jackie played well at the start of his mlb career, there was no room for blacks in the mlb.
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