Jack The Ripper

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In 1888 through 1991 there were several murders on the eastside of London where the Whitechapel section was located. All of the women murdered at the Whitechapel were prostitutes. Being the first serial murder that nobody has captured and nobody knew his name but everybody knew him by his nickname as “Jack The Ripper.” Martha Tabram also known as Martha Turner, or Emma Turner. She had a drinking problem, and she supported herself the prostitution. One night Martha and Marry Ann Connolly (her prostitute friend) went out, They met these two guardsmen one corporal and private they went to several pubs including the White Swan in Whitechapel. At about 11:45 they each paired off to have sex. Connolly and the corporal went to Angel Ally, while Martha and the private went to the George Yard. At around 4:45 a man named John Reeves went out to seek work saw a body lying on the ground lying in her pool of blood and quickly called the police. The cloths were all tore up and leaving the lower half of her body exposed. At 5:30 the doctor came in and reported that she was stabbed thirty-nin...

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