Jack And Ralph In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Ralph’s attitude toward piggy is somewhat rude because of the way he laughs sarcastically to piggy's idea.For example when Ralph asks Piggy “are you going to swim” and piggly replies “no, i wasn't allowed to because of my asthma.” and Ralph says “well that sucks for you.” I myself thought that was really rude because it’s not his fault that Piggy has asthma. Also when he tend to call Piggy fat, which is all the time. How is Jack described? Jack is described as tall,thin, and bony, and his hair was red beneath the black cap, his face was crumpled and freckled, and ugly without silliness. Although, For Jack, the island is like the best summer vacation ever. He gets to swear, play war games, hunt things, and paint his face all without any grownups around to send him to his room for accidentally killing the neighbors. Like Ralph, Jack is charismatic and inclined to leadership. Unlike Ralph, he gets off on power and abuses his position above others so, he's basically an uptight spoiled little boy that can't be without his rich dad for long. How do the boys react to Simon’s fainting spell? First of all "Simon is different from the other boys not only due to his physical frailty, manifested in his fainting spells, but also…show more content…
Both of them are English schoolboys who know how to follow rules and be civilized; however, only one of them will maintain that position throughout the novel.Though Jack has proven experience at being a leader, Ralph is the one the boys choose to be their leader, despite his lack of demonstrable leadership skills. He blew the conch, so the little boys see him as leader. Ralph graciously allows Jack to be in charge of the hunters, so Jack is appeased.” So basically the both want to try and be the leader of the group also they're both really controlling in my
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