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Job-Based Position Analysis
Job Title: Employee Support Services Staffing Technician
Pay Structure: Job-based structure
Rationale: The Charlotte Mecklenburg School HR Staffing Technician position is an example of a structured job-based position. The internal structure for this position centers on a job description consisting of single task functions that have an assigned value to the organization. A collection of associates perform data entry and complete repetitive HR tasks, which suggest that the employees are being paid to complete tasks rather than applying critical thinking skills or other personal competencies that would suggest using higher level of problem solving competency and decision making skills.
Advantages and Disadvantages:
The having a job-based position is traditionally the norm for most public sector employees. This type of position gives the employee clarity on what the expectations are for the job because of it is primarily based on a job description composed of tasks rather personnel traits. The job focuses on tasks, it uses an evaluation system with assigned value that measures the task completed, and this demonstrated how well an employee performs the tasks. For the organization, this type of position helps define job security which depend on tasks completion rather than what skill sets, an employee can offer or develops as the result of performing the job over an evaluation period. The job-based positions provide an employee some stability, the employee understand the pay structure and can predict pay raises and increases based on the pre-established values of the position to the organization. As a benefit, there are direct lines of promotion and progression opportunities built into the organizational char...

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...fect the environment and can create resentment if compensation varies for similar accomplishments by individuals with similar skill sets. The though process for this type of position structures will continue to vary among organizations, how effective the position will be still depends on how well the job analysis is performed and the company must be able to successfully identify and match the skill sets to the need of the organization.

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