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• Cash generative operations
We build long term cash generative operations for reinvestment into the Group’s strategy & local communities
• Core strength
Operational excellence
• Sustainable production
We apply a tried &tested approach, using skilled expatriate teams combined with local employees to ensure predictable low-cost production
• Core strength
Stakeholder management &organisational acumen
• First to move
We leverage our in-house expertise &local knowledge to identify under commercialised assets in eastern ¢ral Europe
• Core strength
Visionary marketplace analysis &subsurface expertise”

An analysis of the end of year results show JKX have gone a long way to achieve the targets for 2012.JKX have diversified into LPG production is 2012 and states on page 8 that “Our subsidiary PPC continues to be the only non-state oil & gas company in Ukraine with a connection to the Soyuz pipeline which transports gas to markets”. This gives a definite advantage to JKX over competitors.
3.3 Feasibility & Suitability of Strategy Adopted
JKX States in the 2012 Annual report that “In Russia, the regulator specifies minimum & maximum prices for gas on a regional basis, there are 38 different regions across Russia.
The regulated gas tariff for the Adygea region is consistently one of the highest across all Russia due to the scarcity of the gas resource in the region and the increasing demand through rapid industrialisation”.
In September 2010 the Russian government made a final decision to increase industrial gas sector tariffs by 15% per annum through 2015. All prices were increased on 1 July 2012 by 15%.JKX anticipate a further 15% increase in the industrial gas price on 1 July 2013” .This indicates that research carried ou...

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...implications, security in the past, fear of the unknown, threats to power or influence, knowledge and skill obsolescence, organizational structure and limited resources”.
Continual resistance to any changes can represent a threat. The change management team will identify and manage any resistance by carrying out a risk assessment in the form of a SWOT Analysis (See Attachment 5) . Resistance management is the process used by the project team can manage employee resistance to change.
6.0 Conclusion & Recommendations
This section will cover areas discussed in this review document where it has been identified that there are areas that could be improved in the application of JKX strategy, planning and change management. The research that has generated should be adopted by the JKX board and at least commission their own review using this report as an enabling document.

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