JJ Watt: The Best Football Player

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617 words

JJ Watt always wanted to be a football player. He never had it easy in football, he always had his setbacks. He never really had it go his way ,but his parent’s never lost faith in him and always believed in him. He like the challenge and it drove him to do better. JJ Watt is now one of the best defensive players in the NFL. JJ Watt was born in Pewaukee ,Wisconsin on March 22 ,1989 to John and Connie Watt and had two younger brothers named T.J and Derek. He appeared in a newspaper article when he was seven. He was ask who his favorite football player was. He answered “Reggie White. He’s a good football player. They played really good Monday night. I want to be a football player.”. That was his first real confession that he wanted to play football. JJ Watt went to Pewaukee High School where he played quarterback ,but wasn’t very good. He then settled at both tight end and defensive end. That was his first hiccup in his life. He always wanted to be a badger for Wisconsin ,but he had to settle for Central Michigan due to an injury in his summer before senior year. He left Central Michigan because he said “This is not what i was looking forward to.”. He went home …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that jj watt always wanted to be a football player. he never had it easy in football, he always had his setbacks, but his parents never lost faith in him.
  • Narrates how jj watt was born in pewaukee, wisconsin on march 22, 1989, to john and connie watt and had two younger brothers named t.j and derek.
  • Narrates how watt was booed on his first game for the texans and sacked drew brees. watt won nfl's defensive player of the year and set a record for batting down passes at 16.
  • Explains that watt has always given back to houston from charity to just helping out. he established the justin j. watt foundation when he was still at wisconsin.
  • Describes jj watt as houston's most eligible bachelor. he never wanted to have money or be greedy with it; he gives it to his mom and family to help them.
  • Explains that jj watt has never given up on that dream of playing football and he got to play it for a living. he is the top defensive player and was rewarded for all his hard work.

Houston fans didn’t like that their 11th pick was JJ Watt. He got booed on his first game that he ever played for the Texans. On his first game he got a fumble recovery and returned it for two yards. He was pressuring the quarterback the whole game. He ended that game with five tackles he didn't receive any sacks. His first NFL sack was in week three when he sacked Drew Brees. By the end of his rookie year he had won over Texans fans. During that first season texans won their first AFC South title. JJ Watt ended his rookie season with 16 tackles, 13 tackles for loss he also had five and a half sacks and swatted down four passes. He had won NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year and set a record for batting down passes at

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