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Tim Hortons – Canadian successful company.
Tim Hortons is a Canadian network of quick-service restaurants that was founded in 1864 by Tim Hortons and Ron Joyce in Hamilton.
Today, Tim Hortons is a part of Canadian culture. Everybody who live in Canada know that Tim Hortons is a place where people can arrange their meetings, eat the doughnuts and drink a coffee for a cheap price. This company takes the first place in Canada’s 2014 top brands.
“Ont. headquarters said Tim Hortons' marketing targets a wide customer base, from children to seniors, and this is part of their recipe for success.” (Greg Mercer)

In 2014 is the company’s anniversary. Fifty years it is half of decade passed since the first Tim Hortons was opened. During such a long period of time the company still satisfy people with their products.

What makes it special from the others? Tim Horton’s reputation and its products.
The reputation of such company as Tim Hortons is very high. It is a successful and dominating company that have a huge popularity in Canada.
There are about 4’300 restaurants in Canada and in the U.S. The profit of the company is around 404’885$
“Tim Hortons, which claims to sell eight out of 10 cups of coffee in Canada, is already a leader among quick-service restaurants for breakfast and is catching up to the leader in lunch…” (Ari Altstedter)
Tim Hortons as any large companies “is clearly worried about holding onto its leading market share, which has slipped to 77 per cent of coffee sales at quick-serve restaurants in Canada from 80 per cent in 2009. McDonald's currently has 11 per cent of the market, up from six per cent in 2009» (Hollie Shaw)
Cheap price is one of the main reasons why people go there. For example, the...

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In this essay, the author

  • Concludes that tim hortons is a thriving company that makes people happy every day. the company also sends money to the children foundation.
  • Explains that tim hortons is a canadian network of quick-service restaurants founded in 1864 by tim and ron joyce in hamilton.
  • Explains that tim hortons is a successful and dominating company in canada. the company uses 100% arabica beans for its coffee and offers free unlimited wi-fi to attract customers.
  • Explains that tim hortons' "guest services policy statement" is based on the globe and mail's "top 1000" rankings of the most profitable companies in canada.
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