JFK Assassination

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John F. Kennedy Assassination John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born May 29th in Brookline, Massachusetts. John was the second son of Joseph Patrick Kennedy and Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald. Later on, seven more siblings were born after John. John Kennedy studied at Harvard and earned an Artium Baccalaureates (A.B.) degree in international studies and history. After he graduated, he also served in the war. As a lieutenant of the PT 109, John was once shipwrecked, but his crew and he survived because of John’s heroism as he saved the lives of his crew on that fateful day. In 1952 he became the senator of Massachusetts. Later in 1958, Kennedy was reelected in Massachusetts by over 875,000 votes. 875,000 was the largest majority of votes in the state of Massachusetts’ history. As the years passed by, Kennedy was elected for president in November 1960. John F. Kennedy had to run for president against Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon was widely known and had previously been Vice President for eight years; while Kennedy was little known to voters of America (Tocco 2). That soon changed though, Kennedy’s popularity rose and voters started to like and appreciate Kennedy. The presidential debate between the two continued and it wasn’t looking like Kennedy was going to win the election. To John Kennedy’s favor, “On September 26, 1960, they held the first presidential debate ever shown on TV.” (Tocco 1). Kennedy was very handsome and looked calm, relaxed, and was even smiling during these televised debates. Kennedy looked directly to all of the cameras while Richard Nixon seemed to be nervous and wasn’t too fond of the cameras like Kennedy was (Tocco 2). ““Kennedy knew the power of television,” says Ted Sorensen, one of Kennedy’s adv... ... middle of paper ... ...nedy and claimed he killed Oswald to save Kennedy’s widow Jacqueline from having the pain to testify in court. Fifty years later today, it is still debated whether Oswald acted alone or with a second shooter. The assassination of Kennedy still remains to be one of the largest mysteries in American history. Our nation’s 35th President John Fitzgerald Kennedy helped our country improve dramatically. Kennedy Improved civil rights, created the Peace Corps, aided other countries in need, and helped us dream of a man that would once walk on the moon. The life and death of JFK has changed the nation; completely changing the role that television plays in reporting news. His death has marked the conclusion of a happier and simpler time in America. Even though his period in office was brief, Kennedy is one of the most admired, cherished, and beloved President of all time.

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