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The release of JFK was a crucial moment in the account of motion pictures just as the events it portrays divided politics. Prior to JFK it would have been awfully hard to sell a political film in which the reality is issue, perverse, deformed, and in the end found impossible, in which the title character is murdered before the opening credits end rolling. Oliver Stone's film has the classic anecdote, visual scale and gist to match; not simply a fascinating real-life plot thriller, but also an allegory for the fall of the American dream. JFK story’s centers Jim Garrison, region legal representative, who probes the President's murder. JFK asserts to divulge the real truth concerning the Kennedy murder. Oliver Stone's mastery of a diversity of visual styles, editing, along with concurrence makes JFK more or less seem interactive. This movie won Oscars for Best Cinematography and Editing. This movie integrates scores of diverse styles, film stocks, and pace to craft an intact that seems pieced collectively from shreds of reminiscences and deception. It provokes to make points and attempt to work them out. Stone and his skilled cinematographer, Robert Richardson, work in each pertinent visual medium: 35mm, 16mm, Super 8, 8mm, video, still photos, color, black and white. 'This is a film in which the real and the imagined, fact and fiction, keep shading into one another.' (Auchincloss 1991: 47) This provokes the already mentioned alertness in the viewer, since JFK with its visual patchwork "challenges the spectator to confront the simple and problematic distinction between documentary and fiction. Indeed, the film's political implications reside in part in how it succeeds at posing this challenge, in whether it prompts viewers to consider how central to the writing of history are questions about access to and organization of images" (Simon 1996: 215). http://www.literaturdigital.de/jfk.html. 'JFK' movies like a high tech suspenseful story which merges the most fascinating photography as well as impressive editing ever seen in action pictures. The thrilling visual effects the temperamental lighting; feral camera angles; assorted film accumulation; color, black and white, and sepia blends; videos; computer graphics and morphing; animatronics and cartoons; gritty old newsreels, blinking, glistening, and enduring on the screen light up the obscurity and inconsistency of character confronting fate, of will forced on destiny. “Much of the supremacy of this film comes from its editing. Scrutinize the editing and shot masterpiece of subsequent sequences and enlighten the editing's effect, its capability to offer commentary through the succession of metaphors”.

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