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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born in Massachusetts on May 29, 1917. John had eight siblings and was sickly as a child. John was raised as Irish Catholic in Boston. Johns grandfathers were prominent Boston politicians so the family had a comfortable life. The family had nannies to help run the household. As children the family would spend their summers in Cape Cod. John attended Choate, which was a boarding school for adolescent boys in Connecticut. While he was there he played tennis, basketball, football, golf, & liked to read. After graduation from High School John went to Harvard where is older brother was also. John played on the football team until he ruptured a disk in his spine. While in college Johns father was appointed U.S. Ambassador to England in 1937 so the family moved with the exception of John and his brother Joe because they were at Harvard. During the summer when John visited England and other countries in Europe he became more eager to learn about history and government. After graduating from Harvard John and Joe joined the Navy and made Lieutenant and was assigned commander of a patrol torpedo boat. Johns older brother died a year later when his plane blew up in Europe during a mission. When John returned John was awarded Navy and Marine Corps Medal for his leadership and courage. Johns father Joe Sr. convinced John to run for Congress in Massachusetts eleventh congressional district and won in 1946. As a democrat he served six years in the House Of Representatives. In 1952 he was elected to the U.S. Senate. John ran for a Vice President nomination in 1956 but was defeated. There were several reasons John succeeded. One of them was that there was a economic recession that hurt Rebublican. John gained votes... ... middle of paper ... ...s only in office for two months when inheriting a plan from Eisenhower to invade Cuba and take out Fidel Castro. On April 17, 1961 Kennedy gave the green light to invade Cuba. President Kennedy denied any U.S. involvement that Washington was behind it. While in office Kennedy many African Americans to federal and administrative posts. No other President had done that up to this time. Kennedy appointed his brother Robert Kennedy to Attorney General and Byron White and Arthur Goldberg as Supreme Court judges. Kennedy’s ccomplishments in domestic policy were to update commitments to traditional Democratic programs such as public housing, minimum wages and social security benefits. Several of his proposals for federal aid to education, a tax cut to stimulate spending, medical help for seniors and a program to stop poverty were on going at the time of his death.

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