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JFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy, commonly known by “Jack” or his initials, JFK was the 35th president of the United States, Serving from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963. JFK was one of the more favored presidents, the people loved him. Jack was born May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. His mother and father were Joseph Kennedy, Sr. and Rose Kennedy, who also had 9 other kids JFK's older brother Joe Jr, and his other siblings Kathleen, Robert, Rosemary, and Edward. This family became one of America’s most famous families in politics. JFK grew up in Brookline, Massachusetts and went to Greenough Lower School. In 1927 the Kennedys moved to a mansion in Riverdale, New York City. Riverdale was short lived; they moved again, to a different house in nearby Bronxville for 3 years JFK went to school in Riverdale, then after that he went to the Catholic Canterbury School in Connecticut. In 1931 he enrolled at a Connecticut boarding school called Choate. JFK graduated from Choate in 1935. From there jack followed in his father and older brother and enrolled at Harvard in 1936 and graduated in 1940. In September 1941, after medical disqualification by the Army for his chronic lower back problems, Kennedy joined the U.S. Navy; he joined as commander of Torpedo boats during WWII. After getting surgery for his chronic back problems, he was released from active duty in late 1944. Kennedy was discharged from the Navy in 1945. Kennedy received many medals for serving, such as a purple heart, and three bronze service stars along with the WWII Victory Medal. Someone later asked Kennedy how he became a war hero and he jokingly said, “It was easy. They cut my PT boat in half”. Where PT boat is a motorboat that shoots torpedoes... ... middle of paper ... ...xas shots came from a school book depository window and the next thing America knew there president had been shot while waving to the people of Dallas. JFK was only in office for barely 1000 days. Later they identified the shooter as Lee Harvey Oswald. JFK died nearly 25 minutes after the shooting at Parkland Memorial Hospital. JFK was riding in a 1961 Lincoln continental when he was shot. The day Kennedy was assassinated changed the way secret service protects the president forever. Ever since that day the secret service has found more and more ways to protect our president. They no longer allow them to sit in a bubble top limousine in the open and wave to the public. Today, they have a vehicle which secret service calls “The Beast”. It has 8 inch thick steel on the doors, bullet and rocket proof windows, weighs about 8 tons, 18ft long and costs about $1 million.
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