JC Penney's Case Study

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According to JCP 10-K in the article Item 1A. Risk Factors paragraph 11, JC Penney’s depend on operations beginning with security, consistency, and integrity. There are various operation systems and data centers, including the point-of-sale systems in the stores, data centers that process transactions, communication systems, and various software applications used throughout the company to track inventory flow, process transactions and generate performance and financial reports.(JCP 10-K, 2013). JC Penney has great tools to track all of the information needed sales purposes. Although these tools can help JC Penney with tracking inventory and processing transactions, etc. There are also difficulties that can be encountered when JC Penney upgrades or develops new systems. These difficulties can lead to losses and unwanted expenses due to disrupting business operations.
For example, working with JC Penney there have been changes with the systems that have upset customers and has caused sales to decrease.
The challenges that retailers may face are customer service, low inventory, store appearance, and brand selection. For JC Penney it’s important to put the customer first and make the customers shopping experience a memorable one. Customer service is always mentioned through coaching to employees because the customer’s worth means a lot to JC Penney. JC Penney strives to greet and help the customer find exactly what they are looking for, or something similar. Adding value to a customer’s shopping experience is more likely to keep the customer coming back then giving poor service. Followed by inventory for all retailers it’s important to stay stocked up, otherwise, the customer will shop with the retailers who have the item available. Often time’s customers will shop with their favorite company knowing that other retailer’s carry the same item so it’s important to have the store stocked up at all

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  • Explains that the retail industry focuses on technological factors as well as regulatory and political factors.
  • Explains that jc penney is protected from customers and employees in relation to any corporate misconduct.
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