J Sainsbury Corporate Social Responsibility Case Study

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This paper will critically consider the significance of J Sainsbury plc Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR hereafter) / sustainability initiatives for business success, using the literature surrounding CSR/ sustainability in the food and retailing industry. J Sainsbury state that they have a clear strategic vision in which they place the customer at the heart of everything they do they believe that their strong commitment to corporate responsibility out lined in the sustainability 20x20 plan is essential to how the business operates and conducts in business and in securing the future success of J Sainsbury’s (J Sainsbury plc, 2013). In order to critique the significance of this initiatives for business success the term(s) CSR / Sustainability first need defining, however this could be viewed as problematic in itself as in is in fact not one term but two. Several authors Gatti and Steele 2014, Jones Hillier and Comfort 2014 xxxxxxxx give thought to give thought to the terminology surrounding CSR discussing that confusion that could arise from the development of multiple terms used to attempt to conceptualise and illustrate the most ethical business practice, incorporating environmental and social issues. McWilliams and Siegel (2001) define the term of CSR as activities or best practices that “appear to further some social good, beyond the interests of the firm and that which is required by law” whereas a more simplified term is used by the European commission as “the responsibilities of enterprise for their impacts on society” (Khan and Kakabadse, 2013) In addition to the multiple concepts surrounding CSR Wiese et al., (2012) considers that there are a number of sustainability definitions and variations in use, using differing t... ... middle of paper ... ...overnment targets. With regards to social gain, criticism has been drawn of the gains that organisations provide in the schemes that they run, such as “computers for school”, “Active kids” in that the gains to the organisation out way the benefit given as it is attracts customer loyalty in the collection of vouchers, with many vouchers needed to be collected by the benefiting organisation. ( Citation needed) Most studies in the field of CSR/ Sustainability have only focussed on the differing impacts of sustainability on the organisation perhaps taking it for granted that to be a major organisation in the food retailing industry it is the norm to carry out such indicatives however negatives connotations could be associated with CSR/ Sustainability reporting in that the organisation in media always has a focus on the organisation Assiouras, Ozgen and Skourtis, 2013

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