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November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy took a limo ride

through Dallas Texas, but this harmless event quickly turned fatal for the young president. The presidents limo turned onto Elm going 25 miles per hour then slowing down to 10 miles per hour to make a sharp turn. The first shot ran out missing the president completely sounding like an echo. Hearing this, Kennedy stops waving and starts to look around. The second shot was then fired sending the bullet into Pres. Kennedy's throat he then grabs his throat with both hands. The third shot sent a bullet into Kennedy's back, thrusting him down and forward. The fourth shot sent a bullet into Connley's

back near the rear of his right arm pit. Connley then yells "My God they're going to kill us all!". The fifth shot was fired and another bullet missed the president and hit an underpass, fragments fragments from the bullet hit James Taye who was standing under the underpass. The sixth and final shot sent a fatal bullet to the right lobe of his head, throwing him back and to the left. An autopsy was done only on the head to find how much of the brain was lost, no future exam was done to track the bullets and to determine how many bullets

where fired into Kennedy the examiner was told by high ranking officers in the room when to stop and what not to do. Since no further investigation was done the magic bullet theory was born. In this theory it was said that three bullets caused all seven wounds. The magic bullet theory comes in on the fourth shot, causing wounds to JFK and to Connley. First it enters Kennedy's back headed down at an angle of 17 degrees, upward to leave Kennedy's body through his neck, where it stopped in mid air turns right then left w...

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...ext morning he is

charged with the murder of JFK. Jack Ruby trying to spare Jackie Kennedy the grief of taking the stand, was shown into the police station threw an underground garage. When Oswald was being walked out Jack Ruby jumped out, shot and killed Oswald. When Clay Burternd took the stand he lied about everything about ever knowing Dean Andrews, Lee Harvey Oswald, Dave Ferrie, Willie O'Keefe and ever having anything to do with operation mongoose and he also lied about having used Clay Burternd after admitting after being arrested. Although the evidence, to me, was overwhelming the jury found Clay Shaw not guilty. Outside after trial the media ask him if he plans to run for his position of D.A. and he says yes, then adds that he will keep looking for the truth of the JFK assassination he says, "I owe that not only to Jack Kennedy but to the country."

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