Iwo Jima: Japan's Devastating Demise

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Iwo Jima was an important site to both the Japanese and Americans. It had great significance, and this is why the Japanese attempted to protect it at all costs. Iwo Jima was actually a part of Japan. It was one of the few original territories that existed before Japan decided to try and conquer other countries and nations. Every other nation or country that was re-captured by American forces in the Pacific were places that were being freed from Japanese control. The Japanese didn't believe in giving rights to their captured enemies. They were confined to one spot: their original homeland. They couldn't leave because the Japanese simply didn't allow it. Anyways, Iwo Jima was crucial to the protection of the mainland. Without this, Japan was vulnerable to air raids, air attacks, spy planes, and many more things. Not only was Iwo Jima important for protecting Japan, but it was also used as a military base. If there was a problem happening that involved the military in the pacific, Iwo Jima was used to send out a message to Japan stating the problem. Not only was it a messenger...
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