Iwo Jima: Japan's Devastating Demise

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The landing on Iwo Jima was all started off by the 4th and 5th divisions. They attacked the sides of the islands, all of which had special code names. The reason why they had code names was because of the reason that the Japanese could have overheard attack orders, and they were going to centralize their defenses at a certain point. The entering of the island wasn't as easy as people thought. It turned out that the first day or two was filled with bad weather. This unexpected weather caused people to have issues when it came to the battle. As soon as they stepped foot on Iwo Jima, they had a bad feeling about the place. They knew something bad might happen, and sure enough, it did. The weather occurred, the place was nothing like they expected, and tons of soldiers were hiding within the island itself, and not on the island. Camouflage worked at first for the Japanese, who already had information about the attack on Iwo Jima. Most of the soldiers felt that they could beat America. Only the commander knew that it was hopeless. He already knew about how the American assault was going t...
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